Product Overview

What We Do

Stroom is a software platform that provides commercial real estate acquisitions teams the ability to screen and underwrite deals faster.

Data Science

Stroom leverages advanced data science and economics models to turn Real Estate data into decisions.

By aggregating data from multiple sources including alternate data, the platform creates a unique view of any property and accurately estimates its value-add potential.

Due Diligence

Stroom takes a very focused approach on automating acquisition workflows.

The platform streamlines the acquisition process and offers proprietary insights to screen and forecast both on and off market properties that meet an investors’ buy box. Put simply, the platform addresses the bottleneck by reducing time spent on administrative tasks related to sourcing and analyzing deals.

Data Science

Model Interpretability and Transparency

Our training data includes thousands of properties from different markets. We obtain data on physical characteristics of property, financial, operational data such as Revenue, Expenses, and Occupancy. We also gather traditional and alternate data on local economy, demand, demographics and location specific features. Through a set of API and data pipelines, we’ve created a rich dataset for training our model.

Our models are powered by raw data from nationwide 3rd party Real Estate data providers, location data and several other sources of data. We place special emphasis on the quality of data and ensure that we maintain high standards. Each data source is thoroughly examined for outliers and missing-ness before we ingest data into our platform and use it in training our ML models.


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